At Commissioning Services, LLC we specialize in Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing HVAC systems as well as Raised Access Floor UFAD Plenum
Air Leakage Testing. Our roots and training take us back to the pioneers of the Testing and Balancing field, Kahoe Air Balance out of Cleveland, Ohio.
We have over 60 years of Cx, TAB, PALT, and Energy Conservation Experience. Our goal is to ensure the HVAC system design objectives are
achieved. As an independent firm we provide testing that is accurate and unbiased. We offer our clients the expertise and reliable data needed to
make sound engineering and operating decisions in today’s complex world of HVAC systems. Accurate testing and balancing is essential. With the savings from no longer wasting energy, the cost of a test and balance report pays for itself. Having more comfortable and productive employees and not having to deal with numerous service calls makes hiring Commissioning Services, LLC well worth the investment for the owner and construction Team.